An Interview with Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera (Authors of ‘Unscripted’)


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A couple months ago, I posted a review of a book that opened me up to a new culture, a list of foreign talent and a breadth of knowledge of entertainers and creative individuals in the Philippines. The book is titled ‘Unscripted’, and the amazing authors behind aforementioned book are Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera.

A while back, I was lucky enough for the chance to interview the two and now, I can finally reveal what went on during that interview.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Hi. My name is Sarah. In a nutshell, I’m a half Swiss half Filipina chick that was born and raised in Hong Kong, spent my teenage years in Manila, and the rest of my life traversing the globe, getting paid to ask creative and famous people questions. I write articles for magazines I’m sometimes on the cover of, write scripts for TV shows I’m occasionally the host of, wear pretty clothes made by Filipino designers, run my mouth about how much I love the Philippines, and once in awhile I have the incredible opportunity to fall in love in and with Hip Hop all over again.

For work, I am a model, host and writer. But for life, I like to help people out with words I write, explore the world, have rich conversations with interesting people, and always experience new adventures. Who knows what I’ll evolve to become. This year, I’ve made “doing what I love” my first goal and I’ll let the career labels come later. ;)

2. What’s the story behind ‘Unscripted’ and how did it first make its way onto the airwaves in the Philippines?

In 2009, when I was still working for Status Magazine, I received a call out of nowhere from my booker to co-host a radio show with Sarah. (Sarah and I are in the same modeling agency in Manila so he represents us both.) He told me that the same company behind MTV Philippines was starting a radio station called U92. They got Sarah to host a show and she needed a co-host – so they called me! I had no prior experience in radio, but I knew it was something I wanted to try. So within 15 minutes all I said was “When do we start?” Actually, I’m lucky to have been given that opportunity.

From there we had a solid one year of radio work in our morning show “The Dollhouse”, interviewing awesome guests from different industries in the Philippines. I feel like we really brought a fresh approach to a traditional medium. We really learned the ropes of how being a radio DJ was. In terms of lining up songs, creating great content, interviews as well as the being exposed to business side of marketing. I learned a lot from that new environment and I feel like I really grew up in a lot of ways.

After the show ended, we received a lot of messages/tweets from our Dollhouse fans wishing we were still on air. So we decided to come out with a book last December that documented the entire journey. From putting together the best interviews from the show, photos, plus adding great photography, art, and graphic design from our talented friends in Manila.

3. What did you want to express with ‘Unscripted’?

Completely honest answer? I’ve said a great number of things about this book being our gift to the next generation, and our “salute” to the one that came before us, but the most fundamental thing about getting ‘Unscripted’ done and out on shelves, was precisely that; getting it done and out on shelves. If Vicky and I got paid for creating concepts, we’d have matching minimalist beach houses on a private island, brownstone walk ups in Brooklyn, and a villa in the Italian countryside. Good ideas are EASY for us. But choosing which ones to invest passion, cash, and time into – and then doing all the grunt work to see it through? All I’m saying is that the process was the progress, and what that expresses is that a) to begin, you must dream without boundaries, and b) to make them real, you must create boundaries. Ah, the irony.

We wanted to express time-tested lessons that the youth could learn from but in a fresh way. The guests we interviewed have really lived interesting lives and we wanted to bridge that gap between the people who came before, and today’s generation. Bringing these “OGs” back in a way that was relevant for the youth to understand. ‘Cause at the end of the way, we can learn a lot from different people from their life stories.

Our guests are so diverse. We have everyone from the former first lady Imelda Marcos to the Philippine pioneers of hip-hop, Mastaplann. But what’s so great is that even if you never experienced the show, you never lived in the Philippines, or you never heard of us, you can pick it up and basically get the whole story right away.


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My short feature on Garage on the lovely ladies of the Dollhouse and their amazing book, Unscripted

Thanks Leo! 

- The Dolls

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Dollhouse Column: “Refresh, reset, move forward”

Published Jan 27, 2012 LINK

It’s been one year.

Although, we started off slow on this Dollhouse column, introducing all sorts of topics that spurred from our reader’s questions, I hope our pieces of advice helped you in your personal growth and journey.

That was our focus in 2011.

Sarah and I met to discuss 2012. We asked ourselves, how can we take the Dollhouse column to a new level? How can we offer something even better for our readers? What many of you don’t know, a lot of the pieces of advice we rolled out are those we also had to learn and re-learn. It’s not easy taking your own medicine!

We begin this column with a breather of some sorts. No questions will be rolled out on this one, but just a few thoughts to keep in mind. As we go along on our journey in life, we want to share our experiences with you, as well.

A new year always brings a new commitment. It’s a fresh start for you to go back and analyze how to improve. I know we have our resolutions, our revolutions and our evolutions. As we shift into becoming the new and improved butterfly, are we still stuck in the caterpillar mindset?

Meaning: Do you truly, honestly move forward with faith in your heart, or do you want to move forward and still hold on to your past self?

The topic of refreshing ourselves for the New Year kept popping up several times. I’m making my own big decisions and it feels unbelievably freeing. Sometimes, I need to check myself for the amount of emotional baggage I’m carrying with me. Do you ever feel there’s a certain baggage that sometimes feels hard to let go of? Some people, myself included, find that they are still reliving one experience over and over again.

In life, we are constantly on the road to new transitions, but we dump a mix of pain, trauma, disappointment, anger, envy and drama into the bag, not thinking twice of the amount of weight we’re allotted on this life trip. Is it really necessary? Will this help you in the new phase of your life?

I’m here to stop you at the check-in counter. I have your ticket ready for your new “you,” your window seat is reserved, but here’s the catch: You can’t take the baggage with you. So right now, let it go. Let it all go!

It’s time to wipe the slate clean and allow ourselves have room for new experiences to come. The more you let go of the past with a peaceful and forgiving mindset, you are freeing yourself up to enter a new phase. And that’s growth. It’s exciting, but it takes a lot of inner work. This hasn’t always been easy for me, but I told myself I would always try my best.

So here’s to the New Year; 2012 will be amazing for you. Start with your new resolutions, but don’t forget to do the proper inner cleansing you need to feel lighter. Refresh and move forward.



“Look to your soul, not to your past.”—Aleph

The quote pops up on Twitter, care of Jeff Bascon, who has (much like Paulo Coelho quotes have) become a supplementary source of inspiration and support in the past months. Jeff, the brand manager of Oxygen, silent and hardworking, slow to anger, calculated but weighted with his words; a steady supporter of Vicky and I in all of our endeavors. And now stop. Caution kicks in. See, this is where I find myself jerking a little bit with hesitation because I’m not an endorser of his brand, and maybe, if I mention him or it too much, I’ll be associated with them and ruin my chances of becoming the face for another apparel line. Maybe I’ll get in trouble for mentioning a company name in this newspaper column, because it could be misconstrued as advertising. But I always do this. Feel like I’m tiptoeing, when in reality, all I really do like is to stomp.

And not in the destructive sense but in the celebratory sense. In the musical, beat creating sense. But for a fair chunk of this past year, and perhaps even the past decade of my life, I’ve been whittled down to a graceful, almost silent dancer that could give Lisa Macuja a run for her tutu. Look at me though. We all know I’m not your typical ballerina.

“Look to your soul”—the quote says. And so I do.

We’re one month into the year, and I’m still not over 2011. My knife didn’t cut me off of it clean enough, and I feel like I’m playing catch up, trying to get to the “creating resolutions” stage many of you went through weeks ago. But here’s the thing—resolutions in themselves don’t suffice in this neck of the woods. Outlook…mindsets. That’s the key.

Today, as I write this, I make a little promise to take all my past mistakes and grievances, self-battery and pain, and have a little tea party with them. One last round of reliving, of having the cake I wanted to both keep and eat thrown in my face, one last time I burn my tongue in punishment of all the untoward things I may have wanted to say. At which point I excuse myself. Pat the corners of my mouth gently with the serviette at my place setting, and step away from the pity party.

It’s time to move on. Even the most efficient and positive of my friends and family are constant works in progress, and refreshing, resetting, seems to be a magical tool that isn’t used to dismiss or erase the past, but that frees you from getting caught up in it when momentum slows. We all deserve a refresh browser button in our lives, one that is designed to adapt to a “you” that’s being constantly updated.

Hit the button. Refresh.

Reload. Live in real time. Finger on the pulse. Speak your mind, like, connect, comment.

Reciprocate, reply, repost.

Share. Forward.


Look to your soul, not to your past.

May you have the best-documented year yet.


A video for Unscripted. Because we felt like we should bring you back to our beginning, our journey, and our vision for the book. Stay Blessed Beyond Belief.


Behind The Scenes with Raimund Marasigan 

Shot & Edited by Louie Barretto

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Behind The Scenes Video with Carlos Celdran

Shot & Edited by Louie Barretto

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A night full of substantial conversations with fashion personalities: Sarah Meier & Vicky Herrera plus fellow fashion bloggers to talk about their new book, UNSCRIPTED.

Really cute name thingy they prepared for us :) Sweet, right? They said that’s an illustration of me!…

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Remember when Imelda Marcos walked into the booth? We were determined to find out if she ever owned a pair of sneakers…. Did she? Did she? Did she? 
Read our book to check. ;)


Remember when Imelda Marcos walked into the booth? We were determined to find out if she ever owned a pair of sneakers…. Did she? Did she? Did she? 

Read our book to check. ;)

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“An Amazing Leader. On AND Off the Court.”- said almost everyone who knows Jeff Cariaso.

Our Dollhouse Real OG Guest had a lot of lessons to tell us when he guested on our show…. There’s a lot of sports talk that can be used as a metaphor for life you know.


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More conversations with the Dolls–Sarah Meier-Albano and Vicky Herrera



They began with radio, moved to a newspaper—and now, they’re invading bookshelves.

On Dec. 13, models Sarah Meier-Albano and Vicky Herrera of “The Dollhouse” are launching their first-ever book, “Unscripted: Conversations in the Dollhouse,” a collection of interviews from the former U92 FM morning rush-hour show.

Herrera came up with the idea late last year after their show ended, when she felt the need to “give back” something to “The Dollhouse” listeners.

“After our show ended, we were getting a lot of tweets, comments on our blog about how much they missed the show,” Herrera says. “We wanted something we could physically leave behind with our listeners.”

They decided to use interviews from a segment called “The Real OG,” which is part of their “Throwback Thursdays” retro lineup. It was a venue for the two to share lessons of different inspiring and successful Pinoys with today’s generation.

“OG” stands for original gangsta, slang for “a pioneer of sorts, who started a movement or did something uncommon at a time when it might have been easier to do something else,” Meier-Albano says.

The two chose 16 OGs, whom they felt shared the best lessons on their show. The roster includes former first lady Imelda Marcos, Kate Torralba, Carlos Celdran, Raimund Marasigan, Lourd de Veyra, German “Kuya Germs” Moreno, Jeannie Goulbourn, Jim Paredes, and Ryan Cayabyab, among others.

“It was really interesting. We had already learned lessons on our radio show, but as we were editing the transcriptions we felt that we were relearning some of those lessons,” said Herrera.

“The range of the conversations was so diverse. With some we were laughing the whole time, others had tears,” adds Meier-Albano.

“With some we were really part of the conversation, while in others we were just sitting there and really learning. What are consistent are the information, inspiration, and wisdom passed on.”

Though the authors added short intros for each OG, most of the book’s content are transcriptions from the show, giving readers a sense of how each conversation sounded on air. The two also worked with artists and photographers for the book’s graphics, with each OG having their own visual theme to go with the text.

It’s a mishmash of “all our loves—writing, photography, art,” says Herrera.

“In a way, it’s a timeless book,” adds Meier-Albano. “You can flip through it now and get something out of it, and six months later it could mean something different.”


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